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American English

Suggested Level : CEFR A2 / Cambridge Flyers or KET

Rebecca is a novel by English author Daphne du Maurier (1938).

Level : IELTS 6 - 8 / CEFR B2 - C1

A woman's terrifying dream turns into reality. Chiller by EF Benson. Stars Rosalind Ayres. Introduced by The Man In Black, Edward De Souza.

A compelling psychological thriller with fraudulent identity at its heart.

Alice moves into a converted Victorian house and rents the top floor. The landlord lives below. Both tenant and landlord are not who they say they are, and as each discovers the truth, it's clear one of them is going to die.

It’s more bad news for ______, but good news for the fight against food-borne ______: a compound in garlic is ______ ______ at fighting Campylobacter, bacteria that ______ cause intestinal ______. The work is in the Journal of Antimicrobial ______.

Campylobacter causes problems in part because its cells produce a ______ that holds them together in a biofilm. This biofilm ______ to food and food ______ ______, helping ______ spread. And it protects the bacteria from ______.

Researchers tried ______ Campylobacter jejuni with two ______ ______, as well as with diallyl sulfide, the compound ______ from garlic.

The ______ did some ______. But the garlic compound worked faster and was a hundred times as ______. It quickly ______ the biofilm, and killed the bacteria, ______ by ______ the functions of ______.

Eating garlic won’t ______ Campylobacter. But diallyl sulfide could one day be used to clean ______ used for food ______, and to stop bacteria from ______ ______ foods, like ______ and deli ______. Which may ______ any ______ getting by on ______ ______ beef.

—Sophie Bushwick

Transcript (Scientific American : 60-Second Science)

Very British Problems, a TV series on Channel 4, is fun to watch and great for practising English listening and speaking skills. It is especially useful to those preparing for IELTS, Cambridge CAE and CPE. The programme features some famous British faces, primarily comedians, talking about the weirdness and awkwardness of life as a Brit.

The first episode focuses on how to deal with other people. What are the rules of small talk? How many times can you ask someone to repeat themselves before giving up and hoping for the best? And what does James Corden mean when he offers to help wash up?