IELTS Listening Practice - Report a theft

Look at the words and layout of the questions and decide what information you need to listen out for, e.g. a name, a place, a number, a date, an adjective.

Complete the form. Use no more than two words and/or a number for each answer.

Check Answers
1.  Anna Andersson
2.  Sunrise House
3.  black leather
4.  45287709
5.  small silver

WOMAN: Good morning. Is this the right place to report a theft?
WOMAN: Right. I've had my bag stolen. It happened last night when I was...
POLICE OFFICER: Slow down a minute. Let's get some details from you first. Can I have your name?
WOMAN: Yes. It's...Anna Andersson. That's A double N A, Andersson - A N D E R double S O N.
POLICE OFFICER: And what's your address?
WOMAN: Do you want my home address or my address here in New Zealand?
POLICE OFFICER: Let's start with a local address here.
WOMAN: I'm staying in a hostel. It's called Sunrise House.
POLICE OFFICER: Sunrise Hostel.
WOMAN: No - House, not hostel.
POLICE OFFICER: Oh, OK! Is that the one in Beach Road?
WOMAN: Yes, that's right.
POLICE OFFICER: Right... Now can you describe the bag that was stolen?
WOMAN: Yes... it was a leather bag, a black leather one... but I'm more worried about the contents because it has my passport and my watch in it.
POLICE OFFICER: I see. Do you know the passport number?
WOMAN: Yes, I think it's 45287709.
WOMAN: No, 7709.
POLICE OFFICER: Oh, and can you tell me what kind of watch it was?
WOMAN: I can't remember the make, but it was quite small, with a silver band.
POLICE OFFICER: OK - no make's a small silver watch. We'll get this description sent round to all the stations in the area. Meanwhile, I suggest you get in touch with the embassy...