ESL Listening & Speaking Practice: Very British Problems: Season 1 Episode 1 (Other People)

Very British Problems, a TV series on Channel 4, is fun to watch and great for practising English listening and speaking skills. It is especially useful to those preparing for IELTS, Cambridge FCE, CAE and CPE.

The programme features some famous British faces, primarily comedians, talking about the weirdness and awkwardness of life as a Brit.

The first episode focuses on how to deal with other people. What are the rules of small talk? How many times can you ask someone to repeat themselves before giving up and hoping for the best? And what does James Corden mean when he offers to help wash up?

Episode Transcript

Take the quiz offered by Channel 4 to discover "How Awkwardly British Are You?". Whether you're British or not (most likely you are not), give it a try and you may understand the British a bit more.