Learn English Through Stories - Number 13 by M. R. James - Audio and Text

"Number 13" is a ghost story by M. R. James. It was first published in 1904 as part of the anthology Ghost Stories of an Antiquary.

#1 Adapted audio with subtitles for elementary - intermediate learners

Mr. Anderson was writing a book on the history of Denmark. He went to Viborg and wanted to study the history of the town. He stayed in an old building - The Golden Lion Inn...

#2 Original version for advanced learners

ends at 37:28

Among the towns of Jutland, Viborg justly holds a high place. It is the seat of a bishopric; it has a handsome but almost entirely new cathedral, a charming garden, a lake of great beauty, and many storks. Near it is Hald, accounted one of the prettiest things in Denmark; and hard by is Finderup, where Marsk Stig murdered King Erik Clipping on St. Cecilia's Day, in the year 1286. Fifty-six blows of square-headed iron maces were traced on Erik's skull when his tomb was opened in the seventeenth century. But I am not writing a guide-book...

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#3 The story was adapted into a forty-minute film and first screened in December 2006 on BBC Four.