Improve Your English with TED-Ed Videos

TED-ED is an educational website developed by teachers. Not only is it a great resource for learning new things and ideas, but also for improving your English. It is a great way to practise your listening, reading skills and expand your vocabulary.

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How to improve your English with TED-Ed videos :

Step 1

Listen only. Try to get the big picture of what you've heard. What's the main topic? What are the main ideas? Any keywords? Any statistics mentioned? Jot down your notes.

Step 2

Watch the video WITHOUT subtitles. The videos usually come with English subtitles by default but you can turn them off at the settings. With the help of the visuals/animations, you should have a much better understanding of the videos.

Step 3

Watch the video WITH subtitles. It's time to check your notes and understanding. Add new words and phrases to your vocabulary bank. The videos also have subtitles in many other languages. Turn on the subtitles in your native language if necessary.