BBC Radio Drama - Personal Call by Agatha Christie

Personal Call was a half-hour radio play written by Agatha Christie and first performed on the BBC Radio in 1954.

Pam Brent grows concerned when her husband receives a mysterious phone call which leaves him disturbed and anxious.

A cocktail party is in full flow at the Kensington home of James and Pam Brent when there is a phone call. Mrs. Lamb, the Brent's housekeeper fetches James and the operator puts the call through. He hears a slightly ethereal voice that claims to be that of a woman called Fay. James is shocked and angry and demands to know who the caller really is. She repeats that she is Fay, she is at Newton Abbot railway station and that she is waiting for him. Pam comes into the hall from the party and James, shaken, slams the phone down but refuses to say who the caller was...

The following recording was a production in 1960.

Vivienne Chatterton - Mrs. Lamb
Ivan Brandt - James Brent
Beatrice Bevan - Fay
Barbara Lott - Pamela Brent
George Hagan - Inspector Narracott
James Thomason - Mr. Enderby
William Eedle - Man/Porter
Charles Simon - 2nd Porter/Station Announcer
Michael Turner - Evan/Man
Eva Stuart - Mary/Woman
Penelope Lee - Operator/Woman

Produced by David H Godfrey